Drone Service

Professional aerial Drone Photography & Videography along with on the ground photography & videography, based in Northern Ireland (Ardglass Co,down) and available for business throughout Uk & Ireland.

Fully CAA certified and insured drone operator.

Drones have proven to be essential in many ways and in many industries especially in the Architecture, Construction, Agriculture, Building Maintenance and Estate Agents.  Or bringing your businesses image to the highest of levels!

Typical projects include:

  • Architecture Developments
  • Agricultural farming
  • Construction sites
  • Building Maintenance surveys, Roof inspections
  • Golf Course flyover
  • Estate Agents
  • Corporate promotional visuals
  • Landscape photography
  • Film & Tv
  • Weddings
  • Conservation Projects
  • Personal Commissions
  • Media Projects
  • Tourism
  • Aerial Tracking
  • Private, Commercial and Industrial buildings

Quicker, Easier, Safer! Easy Access to difficult to reach areas